Monday, December 29, 1997


Accuracy, always accuracy; what else is important?


1/04/2008 9:09 PM

This one requires a little explaining.                                                                           

Why is this important? Why is it significant?                                                                     

Because it's probably the most important thing I've ever said.                                                                           

Pursued vigorously and diligently, this one principle will lead to the entirety of my philosophical and belief structure; will lead to the fundament of everything I'm trying to accomplish.                                                                           

Note that I didn't say precision; this isn't about carrying out your calculations to as many decimal places as possible. This is about making sure everything you believe and understand is accurate, that is, correct and true to the absolute best of your ability and belief.                                                                           

If nothing else I've ever written survives, this one sentence, properly understood, will make up for all the rest.                                                                                                                                          


Calion said...
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Anonymous said...

What about "Meaning?" Accuracy is certainly important but without some meaning couldn't accuracy be nothing more than mental masturbation?

Calion said...

Of course. Which shows the weakness of using a two-sentence phrase as the foundation for an entire philosophy. (Libertarians take note.)

But that's really beside the point. That guideline does not tell you what to think, but how. It doesn't, and isn't meant to, dictate your desires. What it does do, presuming you already have desires, is show you the path to achieving them, and more, to determining what they truly are.