Saturday, December 27, 1997


        Crucial question: How to get the most value out of the information I take in? Certainty: There is too much information, too many books, to ever dream of being able to read it all, or even some significant portion. Therefore, if you wish to take in all it is important for you to know, what you actually read or absorb must be distilled and of high value and quality. How to accomplish this? How even to determine what extant books are of worthy quality, let alone how to compile and condense what exists into more meaningful format?


Calion said...

I'm really not sure what category this should be in. What do people think? Should I make a new one? Does it really belong in Philosophy? It's not, properly speaking, I don't think.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. If I wanted to study philosophy, I would certainly have left a comment pertinent to your study. You have a neat looking blog, and I would enjoy chatting with you, philosophically speaking. However, I am into Bible study, and that is what I stopped by to invite you to. However, I had enough philosophy in college and graduate school, respectfully.

Thanks---Terry Finley
AA, BS, MDiv
Chaplain, USAR (R)