Saturday, September 5, 1998


        I have a problem with Gulf. Yes, Man, men, society, culture and language could be improved, but that’s no excuse for calling what went before “superstitious and ignorant.” We—they—did the best they could with what they had. So what if it wasn’t perfect? Newton was wrong; was he superstitious and ignorant? [In particular, was his scientific work superstitious and ignorant?—3/13/08 10:39 PM] Bah. These sorts of delusions of grandeur will just get you into trouble. Remember, always remember, that just because you don’t understand why something is, doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason. Before you go calling the masses of humanity “stupid,” stop and ask yourself why, then, did they live so long. Everything has a reason. Stupidity—absolute, not relative–simply does not exist in normal humans. Before you go calling yourself a new race, I suggest you understand the old one.

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